Smoothie Diet to help you lose weight

I lost 37 pounds after 8 weeks of following the smoothie diet, give it a go! Zoe

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The Smoothie Diet: 2 meal replacement 

Let me tell you! After having my third baby, I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and, to be honest, a little fed up with my weight. I started by researching different smoothie diet recipes and I discovered the smoothie diet 21 Day challenge program online after coming across a video of Amanda Amanda on youtube, I made the purchase of the recipes for $47 and they arrived within few days – I was hooked! (Video Amanda below)

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With my consistent smoothie diet routine of 2 smoothies per day (I choose from a list of 36 recipes) and a healthy low carb custom keto dinner meal, high protein meal (I like to have dinner with family and often make roast, veggies, I provide a list of meals in my custom keto blog), I managed to shed a whopping 37 pounds (16 kgs) after 8 weeks of staying consistent with the smoothie recipes and low carb, high protein dinner! Can you believe it? I couldn’t be prouder of myself for taking that step and sticking with it. It wasn’t always easy, but I pushed myself.

Smoothie Diet to help you lose weight

So, if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with your weight, I encourage you to give smoothies a try. Join me and take the 21 day challenge by getting your personal smoothie plan. Stay consistent and watch the pounds melt away. You’ve got this, girl! Cheers to a healthier, happier you!


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