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I lost 37 pounds after 8 weeks of following keto Diet, I have so much energy, give it a go!’ Zoe

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Introduction to Custom Keto Diet combined with Smoothies

Hey, fabulous ladies! Get ready to hear about my weight loss journey after baby number three, where I unleashed the power of custom keto diet and blended it with some delightful smoothies as I shared in my other blog.

I heard a girlfriend talk about keto and she even got me a the custom keto diet recipes for my birthday as a present. Say goodbye to sugary treats and processed goodies and welcome the world of healthy fats. Avocados, nuts, and coconut oil became my new besties, adding flavor and satisfaction to every meal. With keto, I wanted to target my evening meal to be as nutritious and filling as possible, low carb, high in protein and fats. Below I have shared a guide into Keto diet:

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Dinner on the Custom Keto Diet Train – Evening Extravaganza

Welcome to the evening extravaganza, where dinner took center stage in the keto wonderland! Lean proteins like chicken, fish, or tofu were the stars of the show, bringing flavour and satisfaction to the table (I share recipes in the blog). For a personalised meal plan, I signed up to custom keto diet for recipes that are relevant to me for an 8 week plan, my body type and my meal likening. If you want to customise your own keto meal plan, for the cost of just 3 movie tickets you can do so by joining the custom keto diet personal plan.

The combination of smoothies as meal replacements and high protein / fat dinner has worked wonders for my energy level and it has helped me lose 37 pounds (16 kgs) over a 8 week period. Consistency is key!

So put on your keto crown, blend up those fabulous smoothies, and savor the benefits that come with this magical lifestyle. You’re on your way to a healthier, happier, and sassier you!


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